The Assemblage Point

Students perform in "The Assemblage Point"Conceived, choreographed, and directed by Jane Hawley
Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
April 29-May 7, 2011

Choreographer's Notes

The Assemblage Point is a myth performance centered around twelve archetypal energies, which beckon to dream a new world into being. The archetypes are: Child, Lover, Hedonist, Alchemist, Saboteur, Femme Fatale, Networker, Trickster, Thief, Student, God, Advocate. Each type manifests light and shadow traits. These traits are most effective when in balance. Seeking this balance can create awareness, even understanding, of the purposefulness of light and dark. They are necessary for creating and for evolution. One cannot be regarded while the other is ignored. This piece is about this balance. 

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