A Tragedy Like Macbeth

Student perform in "A Tragedy Like Macbeth"Inspired by William Shakespeare
Choreographed by Jane Hawley
Dramaturgy by Mark Muggli
Center for the Arts: Jewel Theatre
November 9-17, 2012

Choreographer's Notes

Attempting to make a dance piece based on the extraordinary work of Shakespeare's Macbeth was daunting, but through the collaborative work of choreographer Jane Hawley and dramaturg Mark Muggli it came to life. By focusing on power dynamics within the piece, the two were able to use about a tenth of the text, and fill the rest with contemporary dance.

Another goal of the piece was to create empathy for the characters of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth himself, who can at times come across as two-dimensional villains. They commit acts of evil, but are tragic humans we are capable of understanding.

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