100 Random Acts of Joy


100 Random Acts of Show is now available for streaming! View this hilarious and heartwarming production by clicking on this link!


100 Random Acts of Joy is a series of short performances devised by an ensemble of student clowns. The students created, staged, filmed, and edited acts as a response to the difficulties of the last year (...plus), and specially the difficulty of finding  joy in this time.


Director's Statement

A clown can be anything. Silly, scary, sad. 

Usually, they’re wise idiots, which means they can occasionally impart lessons that they themselves don’t really understand. 

Only experience.

One thing a clown knows, is that there’s always a reason to hope. They experience grief and panic. They despair acutely. Sometimes over something as simple as a wilting flower. But at the bottom of it all there is always a draw toward hope, like a little balloon that will find a way up somehow. 

There’s always a reason to hope.