Student Directed One-Act Festival


March 5, 7:30
March 6, 7:30
March 7, 1:30

Selected One-Acts

  • The Way of All Fish by Elaine May
    • Director TBD

    This one-act follows a self absorbed executive and her seemingly drab secretary. Over an impromptu dinner together, the executive's condescending graciousness drains away as the secretary explains her fantasy of gaining immortality by killing someone famous and successful someone like her boss.


  • Misreadings by Neena Beber
    • Director TBD

    Personalities collide as Ruth—a professor of nineteenth century literature—attempts to guide Simone—one of her failing students. While Ruth is stuck living in century-old literature, Simone tries to argue that living in the present is the only way to live. Perhaps in this case, the student is teaching the professor.


  • Your Mother's Butt by Alan Ball
    • Director TBD

    A therapist works with her seriously disturbed young client, but never is able to make a breakthrough. As her client talks on and on about shoes and belts and sweaters, he mentions a dream about his mother. The therapist finally has her answer... right?


  • An Examination of the Whole Playwright/Actor Relationship Presented As Some Kind of Cop Show Parody by Greg Kotis
    • Director TBD

    An Examination of the Whole Playwright/Actor Relationship Presented As Some Kind of Cop Show Parody follows a hilarious parody of two actors and one playwright who are also filling the roles of good cop/bad cop and prisoner. This comedy will leave you doubled up in stitches as it brilliantly marries metatheatrical lunacy with police drama.


  • The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould by Benjamin Bettenbender
    • Director TBD

    A man lands on a woman after trying to throw himself off a bridge in a botched suicide attempt. On the quiet riverbank, as he attends to her minor injury, he learns that she too was planning to end her life over a broken heart. An argument ensues over the relative seriousness of their respective losses, the nature of existence, and the harmful effects of the essays of biologist Stephen Jay Gould. Will this unexpected collision lead each of them back to the dark place where they started, or will they start anew?

Performances being held in the 2020-21 season are subject to change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Performances may be postponed, cancelled, or held virtually to uphold COVID-19 safety procedures.