Tania Proksch

Year: Junior
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Major: Physics

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This is my first year being on the soccer team, and as a junior it puts me in somewhat of a weird position of being a rookie as well as an upper class man simultaneously. It turned out be one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Luther College. I absolutely love getting to photograph the LCWS, since I can get up closer to the team and photograph from the players’ points of view. At every kick-off, and the last five minutes in the half, the team raises one hand and spreads their fingers to spark energies. This shot was one that I feel encapsulates the unity and togetherness that Five’s seeks to achieve.

I’m embarrassed to admit that photographing the Football game against St. Olaf was the first football game that I have attended for the full duration. And I am so glad that I work for the photo bureau now, because it was so much fun. Working as a student photographer, I get to attend so many new events and performances that I would’ve never considered previously. And it is a complete blast. One of the pillars of a liberal arts program is getting to be exposed to new experiences and ways of thinking outside of the norm. Becoming a photographer has enriched that experience tenfold. I got to attend a game that I would’ve never previously, and capture this photo.  


Tania smiles outdoors at sunset.
Luther College Women’s Soccer team puts up five fingers, which is a team symbol that indicates certain important parts of the match where the intensity needs to be raised.
LC football players celebrate after a touchdown against St. Olaf.