Rachel Miller

Year: Senior
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Major: Nursing

The main reason why I love photography is the opportunity it provides me to unleash creativity while also capturing moments in time, which then remain forever-remembered. I value this photo for the fact that it gives me the ability to “time-travel” to the moment in January when I stood in Basilica di San Pietro in Rome, Italy, baffled by the gold, mosaics, marble, and frescoes surrounding me everywhere I looked. Aside from the memory and feeling it captures from my travels, I absolutely love the composition and symmetry I encapsulated in this photo. I admire that the photo portrays the grandiosity of the space. Being a Catholic myself, I also value the profound religious importance of the space that is captured here.

I am incredibly passionate about photographing athletics. One of my favorite sports to shoot is soccer, and I especially love capturing the dramatic moment when the players go up for a header. I appreciate the ability to capture the expressions and body placements which are so fleeting when watching a soccer game (or any athletics) without being behind a camera. I cannot help but find it both impressive and humorous when I capture moments such as this, where it almost appears as though the Luther player is sitting on the shoulder of his opponent and the ball appears to rest in the nape of his neck.


Portrait of Rachel Miller outdoors in Decorah.
This photo was taken during an amazing J-term experience in 2017. For a month, classmates and I studied Renaissance art in Rome, Florence, and Venice, Italy. Here, the ciborium over the high altar in St. Peter’s Basilica is pictured with the intricate details of the ceiling and dome in the background.
This photo is from a Luther College men’s soccer game in September of 2015 against Edgewood college. The Norse won 3-0.