Nathan Riley

Year: Senior
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Major: Art

My favorite genre of photography is nature photography. I love going out and finding neat things, cool patterns, beautiful colors, anything like that, and immortalizing it. This particular photo is a bubble that had frozen solid, then broken partially. I enjoyed the contrast the thinner ice around the bubble made with the rest of the ground, and the shape of the bubble itself.

This was one of my favorite experiences as a photographer, getting to go behind the scenes and take photos of an incredibly popular event. I loved that everyone there was having fun, and I got to record the fun they were having. For this photo I tried to put the performer, Lisse, in the background, in order to focus on the audience. I saw this boy on his father’s shoulders and knew he was having a great time, so I recorded that.


Nathan Riley looks back at the photographer while hiking in a forest.
Bubble in the water of one of the water areas across Luther’s campus during the winter of 2017.
Parachute, with special guest Lisse, performing in the Regents Center for SAC's fall concert. November 19, 2016.