McKendra Heinke

Year: First-year
Hometown: Seymour, Wisconsin
Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

Being a first year here at Luther and also in the Photo Bureau limits my options of pictures, but there was one creative shoot in general that I have a few favorites picked. This first one features Kiara Hohn, a goalie on my soccer team here at Luther. I love this picture because it shows off Kiara’s fun side and gives you a taste of the Luther life. Taking pictures of people is one of my favorite forms of photography. I love being able to get shots that people love the look of themselves in. Each of us holds a beauty inside and through photography I am able to capture that essence and let it shine.  

One of the reasons I love photography of people so much is the emotion that each frozen piece of time can capture. I’m sure you can imagine why I love this picture so much. This picture to any person could be many of different things and that’s what is so beautiful about art. One person to another can interpret the image differently. Only Kiara, Hanna, and myself really know what they were talking about that day.


Portrait of McKendra Heinke near a tree in the winter.
First year Kiara Hohn plays around under one of the historic landmarks of Luther.
First years Kiara Hohn and Hanna Dodd enjoy the weather in Bentdahl Commons.