Madie Miller

Year: Junior
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa
Major: Environmental Policy
Recent award: 1st place essay and photograph Sociologically Imaginative Pictures Competition

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This time of the year I was very thankful to be an Iowan and have the opportunity to engage with candidates and experience all that I can before I vote in my first presidential election. During Bernie Sanders' visit I enjoyed capturing the way other Iowans, seasoned voters and students alike, were participating in the same process. Visits such as these are carefully planned to provide viewers with a neatly packaged, specific view of the candidate. The most rewarding part of shooting this event was finding ways to capture moments that weren’t under the spotlight. I love the way the position of his staffer, the lights and the drinking fountain seems to frame the simplicity and quietness in this private moment before the hype erupted.

One of the most rewarding aspects of photography is utilizing my skills in order to convey the uniqueness of an individual to others. While attending a campus with students and faculty from diverse experiences and backgrounds, I have met scholars who have inspiring stories and students who are participating in cutting-edge research. Every assignment comes with the opportunity to learn about the driven and successful individuals who contribute to the Luther community. On this day specifically, I was able to capture the joy of my friend Ana as she experienced snow for the first time.

Madie Miller
Moments before going on stage, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes a few notes with his staff members outside the gym during his visit to Luther College.
Ana Lopez smiles outside Brandt residence hall during the first snowfall of her life.