Kelsey Chang

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
Major: Spanish

Something that is a big challenge for me is figuring out the right camera settings for the lighting. Sometimes we have to shoot in theaters where it's really dark and you run the risk of the photos being grainy. An example of this being a challenge was during the plant giveaway. Usually we have to deal with the lighting being too dark, but in this case it was much too bright. The the sun was really harsh during this time of day and the glass of the greenhouse made the it even brighter. This picture is on of my favorites because it shows a variety of the kinds of plants they are giving away and even with the bright lighting, it doesn’t look too washed out. 

Aside from taking pictures of events on campus, I love portrait photography. I think there is a sort of beauty in every sort of person, whether it be conventional or not. Everyone deserves to have photographs of themselves that they feel beautiful in, but that also showcases their individuality. I like being able to play around with different angles, lighting, and backgrounds while my models can express themselves through various facial expressions and poses. Having another person also adds another variable that creates an additional challenge to capturing a good photograph.



Kelsey poses outside academic building Koren at sunset in the fall.
Plants positioned on shelves in the greenhouse at Luther during the free plant giveaway.
Person poses among grasses for a portrait.