Todd Family Shorts

The Todd Family Bio

With the motivation and energy they put into running small businesses, and raising a family, the Todd family knew they needed to tackle their student loans and personal finances in the same way.  By focusing on their financial goals, they were able to pay off $76,000 of debt!

Brittany Todd received her B.A. in Music Performance from Luther College in 2010. She began a photography business, Photography By Brittany, which she has successfully operated and grown for the past 10 years, including a storefront for 4 years.  She is a public speaker and influencer who recently coordinated the R.E.S.E.T Conference for small business owners in the Driftless Region.

Nathan Todd received his B.A. in Physical Education from Luther College in 2010 and his M.S. in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University in 2017.  He became the owner of the Sugar Bowl in 2017 and is currently a Visiting Instructor at Luther College.

Together they have expanded the Sugar Bowl to two locations in Decorah and now a third location in Fayette, Iowa, opening March 2021!