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  • How to Study
    Getting ready/taking in/remember/output and how to write and study by subject: Need to know how to study math? Write a chemistry lab report? Or how to pass a psychology final? All the study strategies and writing techniques are organized here by subject matter.
  • Learning Express Library
    Including practice tests for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, MAT, PCAT, and PRAXIS I & II; resources/tests for computer and internet skills; and much more!
  • Pearson Student Success
    Features to help you in your educational journey, including academic, career, fitness and financial success!
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    Quizlet has quick quizzes you can take to check your learning, or you can create your own study guides/quizzes!
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    A wide variety of study guides and strategies - all in 38 different languages!