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Alternative Arithmetic Methods (I think these are easier ways to add, multiply, etc.)

Moebius (Mobius) Strip: Discover how to make a Moebius strip, as well as some very cool things about it.

Multiply by 5 the easy way

Multiply by 9 the easy way
: multiply single digits by 9, and larger numbers when all the digits are the same, like 88888 x 9



Scratch Addition: Quick and easy way to add a column of single digit numbers using the Scratch or Dot Method.

Sets, Set Theory, Venn Diagrams

Squaring numbers whose digits are all ones: like 11 x 11 or 11111 x 11111, etc.

Square Numbers that end in 5 such as 85 time 85, etc.



Khan Academy - scroll down for college level assistance