What is TRIO?
The Luther College TRIO Achievement Program assists participants in overcoming social, cultural, financial, personal, academic and other challenges to fully participate in the life of the college and ultimately achieve the goal of graduation. Besides supporting students directly, the TRIO team works to increase awareness of socioeconomic class issues and barriers at Luther with the purpose of impacting policies and framing institutional values, activities, and decisions that foster an environment in which TRIO-eligible students can thrive.

How do students qualify for TRIO?
Please refer to the eligibility criteria.

Do I have to be admitted to TRIO or can I just join?
All qualified students admitted to Luther must first apply before being considered for the TRIO program.

What are the benefits of the program?
TRIO offers many benefits. Perhaps most importantly, you will have someone in your corner who you can trust and confide in whose job is to help you grow and succeed. You’ll also find a strong community of like-minded peers and a place you can call home.

Financial benefits include a textbook lending library, financial counseling, and TRIO gift aid. Academic benefits include professional tutoring and a helpful course only open to new TRIO students. Personal and professional enrichment benefits include career exploration activities, alumni panels, graduate school trips, and social events throughout the year. Check out What TRIO Can Do For You information!

What is the cost to participate?
All services and activities are free to participating students. In fact, TRIO students can benefit financially in numerous ways.

How many Luther students participate in TRIO?
The program is funded to serve 165 participants annually but typically serves closer to 180 students. Approximately 50 students are brought into the program each fall.

Can my acceptance be rescinded?
Yes. Participants must meet minimum expectations in order to benefit from the program and to remain involved.