TRIO Achievement Program

Why TRIO?  Here is what some participants say:


My participation in TRIO has given me confidence to fully pursue my goals while alleviating my fear of financial limitation.

The Luther TRIO program is helping me reach my goals by providing valuable resources, enriching experiences, and a home away from home.

The TRIO program has allowed me to learn more about myself so that I know how to maximize and benefit from my education and life.

The counsel and advice from other TRIO members, peer leaders, and professional staff has helped me grow more confident despite the many challenges of being a first-year student.

My TRIO instructor has really helped me with important things like goal setting, time management, and stress reduction. TRIO activities, as well as the GS100 class, have made me feel much more comfortable and confident.

TRIO has given me the confidence and skills to thrive at Luther and beyond.

TRIO has been a vital piece of my success in college. The never ending support of the program has helped me in making decisions and working through hardships.

TRIO is more than a program to help students with financial and academic issues. For me, TRIO is a support group that I know I can always turn to. If it were not for all the help I continually receive from TRIO, I would not be attending Luther College.

The TRIO program is one big family and that’s exactly what a lot of students need.


TRIO is a federally-funded student retention program that provides participating students with holistic, individualized support and comprehensive programming that promotes their academic success, personal development, and sense of community. Eligibility is based on family income and/or first generation status. Students with disabilities may qualify as well, if they meet the other criteria. The program serves more than 165 students a year, with all services and activities free to those participating. 

Here are just some of the ways that students benefit:

The Luther College TRIO Achievement Program is committed to advancing a community where students successfully navigate through, excel in, and graduate from college prepared for life. TRIO guides and encourages participants throughout their journey, empowering them to become ever-learning and ever-growing and helping them to optimize their college experience while mitigating obstacles and celebrating successes along the way.

TRIO philosophy: We believe in the dignity, value, and potential of every person and promote justice and equality for all.

TRIO environment: Our approach is inclusive, holistic, non-judgmental, proactive, responsive, empowering, research-based, and student-centered.

TRIO values: Compassion, Celebration, Innovation

Comprehensive review of our values and methods.


Want to learn more?

Chances are, our TRIO brochure will answer questions you may have about who can benefit and what services and activities are available to participating students.


Luther College has been awarded a 5-year federal grant for its TRIO Achievement Program. TRIO supports students through comprehensive programming that promotes their personal growth, academic success and sense of community.  Click to read more.