• Implicit memory
  • Executive control processes
  • Aging and cognitive processes
  • Conscious experience of memory
  • Memory for emotional information
  • Social cognition

I am interested in different types of memory and in how we use these forms of memory in our daily lives. The distinction between implicit and explicit memory and the various factors that influence these types of memory guide much of my research. In particular, I am interested in how the information we try to ignore impacts our memory for what we are actually trying to remember. (This question is particularly relevant for all of us who multitask!)

A second area of research centers on executive control, or those processes that order, coordinate and guide attention, as well as memory and actions. I am interested in how these processes (re)adjust when we make errors, and in how executive control processes change as we grow older.

Another line of research concerns I have is the qualitative conscious experience of memory. Specifically, I am interested in whether our memory for highly emotional material consists of re-experiencing the first time we saw the information, or whether this memory is based on our familiarity with the emotion itself.

Recently, I have become interested in implicit attitudes; I have started to examine issues related to environmental concerns and attitudes that stigmatize individuals who have a mental illness.