Invited Talks

The following is a list of talks that I have been invited to give at a variety of different venues in the last couple years:

1. Toussaint, L. (2012, April). Forgiveness as a health-relevant coping mechanism in cancer patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Forgiveness Summit, Philadelphia, PA.

2. Toussaint, L. (2012, February). Forgiveness: A Path to Wholeness. Workshop presented at the First Call Theological Education Event, Rochester, MN.

3. Toussaint, L. (2012, February). The Forgiving Mind and the Healthy Body. Presentation given at the 18th Annual Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology, Chicago, IL.

4. Toussaint, L. (2012, January). Getting to the Good Stuff: Incorporating the New Science Of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Well-being into Psychology Courses. Presentation given at the annual meeting of the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Pete Beach, FL.

5. Toussaint, L. (2011, November). Positive Psychology: A Dose of Happiness, Forgiveness, and Gratitude. San Jacinto College, Houston, TX.

6. Toussaint, L. (2011, October). Forgiveness and Health: Research and Interventions. Heal One Mind, Heal the World. Emotional Health and Wellness: A Biblical Worldview in Practice. Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA.

7. Toussaint, L. (2011, February). Making Introduction to Psychology a Positive Psychology Experience. Rules of Engagement: How to Get Your Students Actively Involved in the Classroom Symposium. San Diego, CA.