Rovira i Virgili University and Luther College Collaborative

URV and Luther

The Rovira i Virgili University and Luther College Collaborative is a joint venture to develop an international Laboratory for the Investigation of Mind, Body, and Spirit that seeks to understand the psychological, social, and spiritual antecedents, correlates, and outcomes of health. The laboratory is co-hosted at both institutions with collaborations between undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from nursing, psychology, and other social and medical sciences. Faculty-led and student-centered projects, presentations, and papers are the focal point of collaboration, and international faculty-student collaborations take place at all stages of the research process (inception, design, analyses, etc.).

Scholarly Collaborations

Journal Publication

1.     Bica, T, Castelló, R, Toussaint, L. L, Montesó-Curto P. (2017). Depression as a risk factor of organic diseases: An international integrative review. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 49(4), 389-399. doi: 10.1111/jnu.12303.

Ongoing Papers, Projects, and Work

2.     Montesó-Curto, P., Toussaint, L., Kueny, A. M., Lunn, S., Roselló Aubach, L., Campoy Guerrero, C., Aguilar Martín, C., Queiroga Gonçalves, A., & Ruschak, I. 2018 MECENES. Collective financing or crowdfunding. Fibromyalgia in men, the great unknown.

3.     Llàdser Navarro, A., Montesó-Curto, P., Rosselló Aubach, L., López Pablo, C., Toussaint, L. & Casadó-Marín, L. Multidisciplinary treatments for patients with fibromyalgia: A systematic review.

4.     Llàdser Navarro, A., Montesó-Curto, P., Rosselló Aubach, L., López Pablo, C., Toussaint, L., & Casadó-Marin, L. A systematic, international review of recent research on multidisciplinary treatments for patients with fibromyalgia: Policy-based research outcomes.

5.     Cuesta, I., Metzler Sawin, E., Toussaint, L. Seabra, P., Miniassi de Oliveria, S., & Monteso-Curto, P. Factors associated with teen suicide related to bullying: A literature review.

6.     Montesó-Curto, P., Mateu-Gil, M. L., Toussaint, L., Ferré-Grau, C., Cubí-Guillen, M. T., Núria Llàdser Navarro, A., & Panisello-Chavarria, M. L. Family perceptions and experiences of living with patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.

7.       Montesó-Curto, P., Aguilar, C., Lejeune, M., Moreno-Poyato, A. R., Seabra, P. Philpott, L., Puig Llobet, M., Toussaint, L. Perceived lack of family support and depression, anxiety and stress: A community study.

8.     Montesó-Curto, P., García-Martínez, M., Panisello-Chavarría, M., Mateu Gil, M. L., Sarrió-Colás, L., Cubí Guillén, M. T., Romaguera Genís, S., Gómez Martínez, M. C., Almo, S. F., Sánchez Herrero, A. M., Aguilar Martín, C., Queiroga, A., Salvadó Icart, M. T., Toussaint, L. Sleep disturbance in patients with fibromialgia.