Course Topics

"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken peoples' curiosity. It is enough to open minds; do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good flammable stuff, it will catch" —Anatole France

 I teach several courses at Luther, including:

  • General Psychology (Psyc 130)
  • Psychology of Forgiveness (Psyc 180)
  • Health Psychology (Psyc 241)
  • Behavioral Statistics (Psyc 350)
  • Stress, Coping, and Well-Being (Psyc 356)

Courses I have previously taught:

  • Careers in Psychology
  • Tests and Measurements
  • Senior Seminar
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Graduate Advanced Statistics
  • Graduate Multivariate Analysis