Career Planning

The links on this page guide students to important websites that help explain how to know what jobs and graduate programs are available, and how to use your psychology major to get a job or gain admission to a graduate program. The links here also provide good advice on how to be a good psychology student.

Things to Think About if You Are a College Student

Finding your calling (Vocation information.)

If It's Interesting, It's Complex Too

Its Not About You

The Busy Trap

The Six Hour D and How to Avoid It

What life asks of us  

Undergraduate Research

A Profile of Undergraduate Research Submission to APA

Getting the Most from Psychology Conferences

Perceptions of Graduate Admissions Directors: Undergraduate Student Research Experiences: Are All Research Experiences Rated Equally?

Careers in Psychology

What you can do with a psychology degree

172 Psychology and Psychology-Related Careers

124 Occupations for Psychology Majors (View occupation information.)

Building a Customized Career List for Psychology Majors

Careers in Nursing for Psychology Majors

Choosing a Psychology Specialty

Clinical Versus Counseling Psychology: What's the Diff

O*Net (occupation and career information resource)

Occupations of Interest to Psychology Majors

Psychology Career Resources Guide

Psychology Degree 411

Undergraduate Research Experience: Preparation for the Job Market

Graduate School

Alternative Master's Degree Programs for Psychology Majors

APA Office of Graduate and Postgraduate Education and Training

Getting Involved and Getting Into Graduate School (A Student's Perspective)

Graduate Admissions in Psychology: II. Acceptance Rates and Financial Considerations

How to Avoid the Kisses of Death in the Graduate School Application Process

Interfolio (managing letters of reference) 

Masters in Psychology 

More on Masters Degrees in Psychology

New Odds for Graduate Admissions in Psychology

Openings in Graduate Programs with Unfilled Classes

Psychology Degree Guide

Relative Weighting of Admissions Variables in Development Psychology Doctoral Programs

Good Examples of Graduate School Application Materials

Curriculum Vita (CV)

Curriculum Vita (CV) 2