Course Topics

Fundamentals of Accounting:

The course provides a basic understanding of financial and managerial accounting concepts, principles and procedures. Emphasis will be placed on the use of accounting information by management, creditors and stockholders. Course coverage includes accounting for inventory, receivables, long-term assets, short and long-term debt, stockholders equity, financial statement analysis, cost behavior analysis, manufacturing operations, budgeting and variance analysis. The prerequisite may be satisfied with a high school accounting/bookkeeping course.

Advanced Accounting:

Accounting for mergers and consolidations, partnerships, foreign currency transactions, segment reporting, theoretical concepts of value and measurement, and special problems of various industries.

Data Analysis for Business Decision-Making:

This course is an introduction to business intelligence and analytics, focusing on the extensive use of data analysis to drive business decisions and actions. Areas of emphasis are efficient manipulation of data sets, defining and organizing needed data using data modeling techniques, retrieving and mining data using database tools, using data to create models for analysis, and presenting data effectively for decision-making. The course will utilize current software tools, such as spreadsheets and databases, and will focus on techniques for improving business reporting and data visualization.