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Any kind of coercive sexual contact, either by a stranger or someone you know, is sexual assault. If you are sexually assaulted, tell someone who can help. Don't try to handle it alone. Please consider the following options and resources.

In the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault:

  • Contact Campus Security at (563) 387-2111, an RA, or hall director for help. They have received training in how to support you.
  • Contact the Riverview Center at (563) 380-3332 or the 24-hour crisis line at (888) 557-0310. A trained sexual assault advocate is available to talk with you by phone or meet with you. The advocate can provide support and information about medical, legal, and counseling resources.
  • Secure immediate medical attention at Winneshiek Medical Center Emergency Room, (563) 382-2911, 901 Montgomery St., Decorah.
    • Do not remove any clothing, shower, douche, or do anything that might destroy physical evidence of the assault.
    • A Luther staff member or a Riverview Center advocate can accompany you to the emergency room.
    • Your evaluation and treatment at the hospital can be paid for by the Iowa Sexual Assault Examination Payment Program. You do not need to make a report to the police to receive this benefit, and your health insurance will not be charged.
    • Emergency contraception is most effective within 72 hours, but can still have some effectiveness up to 5 days.
  • Make a prompt report to the Decorah Police Department: (563) 382-3667. A Luther staff member or a Riverview Center advocate can assist you. Making a report does not obligate you to pursue formal charges.

After the immediate crisis:

  • Seek support from your RA or hall director.
  • Contact Riverview Center for information and support.
  • Pursue medical follow-up at the Luther College Health Service (563-387-1045; Larsen Hall) or Winneshiek Medical Center ER.
  • You may still make a report to the Decorah Police, if you have not already done so.
  • Consult with the Student Life Office (563-387-1020; Dahl Centennial Union), about the option of filing a formal complaint and pursuing campus judicial action. Ask any questions you have about the process.
  • You may request changes in academic or living arrangements to minimize contact with your assailant, if these are reasonably possible. Speak to the Student Life Office.
  • Consult the Student Handbook for information on college policies, reporting, resources and support services.
  • Consider confidential counseling support at the Counseling Service (563-387-1375; Larsen Hall).
  • Consider confidential pastoral support from the Office of College Ministries (563-387-1040; CFL).

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