For Faculty and Staff

Luther employees—both faculty and staff—are required to report all violations of the campus sexual misconduct policies.

  • Faculty and staff who supervise student groups or student works are considered responsible employees by law and must report all that they know immediately.
  • Clergy, counselors, and medical practitioners are confidential resources and are not required to report.
  • All other staff are expected to file at least an anonymized “Jane Doe” report immediately.

If you are unsure whether you need to report an incident, ask us!

Victims’ requests for confidentiality will be honored as much as possible. When determining whether the college will launch a full investigation, the Title IX Coordinator must balance the victim’s request for confidentiality with the college’s obligation to ensure the safety of the campus community.

Please contact a member of our Title IX Team with all questions and concerns.

Education & Awareness

Luther College offers training to all students, faculty, and staff about how to prevent and identify sexual violence, including same-sex sexual violence; the behaviors that may lead to and result in sexual violence; the attitudes of bystanders that may allow conduct to continue; the potential for revictimization by responders and its effect on students; appropriate methods for responding to a student who may have experienced sexual violence, including the use of nonjudgmental language; the impact of trauma on victims; and, as applicable, the person(s) to whom such misconduct must be reported.

If you have not gone through training and would like to, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.