Incoming Student Scholarships

Incoming Student Theatre Scholarships

Students are welcome to schedule an audition or interview during an individual weekday visit to campus or during select group visit events, listed on our Scholarship Audition Dates. Students may audition or interview before completing Luther's application process, but scholarships will not be awarded until after a student has been admitted to Luther.

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Please check the requirements (listed below) and complete the Recruit Me for Theatre form before scheduling an audition.

If you have any questions about scheduling your theatre audition/portfolio review, please contact the Admissions Office. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions about the Luther College theatre scholarship audition process.

The theatre faculty requires scholarship candidates to arrange an audition or interview through the Admissions Office prior to the deadline each year (March 15, 2021). 

Luther Theatre Scholarship

$12,000 over four years ($3,000 per year).

Renewable up to 8 semesters, based on full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress and participation in theatre productions each year at Luther.

Audition Requirements


  • Perform a monologue or monologue and song (1 to 3 minutes), followed by an informal interview with a theatre faculty member.
  • The performance piece must be memorized.
  • Students choosing to perform a song should be prepared to sing a cappella if no accompanist is available, or to provide a copy of their music in the correct key for an accompanist if one is there.

Design and Technical Theatre Interview Requirements

Design/Technical Theatre

  • Present a portfolio of design or technical work images and/or drawings during an interview with a theatre faculty member.
  • Portfolio images can be of designs (scenery, lighting, costuming, properties) by the student, or projects designed by another person but constructed by the student.

Luther Talent Scholarships

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