Why Study Theatre?

"I love the fact that I have gotten so close to so many amazing and talented individuals. Theater people are so inclusive and so vibrant. I love that I can be in a place where I am accepted for who I am. Being in RENT has provided a safe haven for me."

-Tamar Tedla '20

Through the study and production of theatre, students communicate visually as well as verbally. To create performances, students must learn to be innovative and collaborative. Theatre students graduate with strong communication skills and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

Why Study Theatre at Luther?

The theatre program at Luther educates actors, directors, designers, and technicians. We train artists who can invent and communicate.

Our theatre program resides within the Visual and Performing Arts Department. This allows our students to explore the intersections between theatre, dance, and art. For example, our theatre majors take dance courses, training the body as an expressive instrument.

Our program encourages students to explore the performing arts professionally. Luther theatre students pursue professional internships and summer stock positions. They attend conferences and prepare for graduate school. Our alumni follow a variety of career paths. They become artists, scholars, activists, and teachers. Our students create and contribute to our ever-changing world.

Collaborative Environment

Students from any major can audition for all productions, which furthers our cross-disciplinary environment. We also support a variety of student-produced performances for all levels of theatre lovers.

Our work study program functions as a professional training program. Students work in the scene shop, costume shop, or publicity. These students are trained and treated as professionals. This prepares them to pursue further opportunities for employment.

Close Connections

Our faculty pride themselves in the personal attention they give each of our students. In the sophomore year, each student meets with the faculty to discuss their progress. This process ensures that each major gets what they want and need out of the theatre program. The support doesn't stop after graduation. We invest in each student's present and future work.

Two students rehearse for Rent the musical.

Our Commitment

As a community of artists, we model and promote positive actions to create safe environments for all people. The theatre program affirms the commitment to be active in: the creation of a welcoming community; the defense of the rights of all; and a continuing and unwavering condemnation for all forms of bias and oppression. We support and work to create a culture of gratitude for people of all race, gender, age, abilities, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation.