Office Supplies Reuse Station

Do you have office/school supplies that you don't want anymore?  Do you need office supplies, but would rather not spend the cash? Stop by the Office Supplies Reuse Closet, located in Valders 364 (top floor, at the very end of the main hallway). Stop by from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to drop off and pick up used supplies. It's a simple, sustainable way to get rid of the supplies you no longer need and find the supplies you want. Help Luther become a better steward of resources by:

Getting Rid of Supplies

Before tossing out perfectly usable items, bring them to the station and see if they can find a new home first. Simply place your donated items on the counter in the reuse closet. Be sure to only bring items that you believe might be useful to someone else.

Taking Supplies

Before buying new, see if the Office Supplies Reuse Station has it. Come anytime between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and grab it if we've got it. No cost, no checking anything out, no hassles! Need something for home? Go ahead, take it. We don't care how it's used as long as it gives second life to a once dumpster-bound item. 

Examples of What the Station Could Provide

  • notebooks
  • folders
  • binders
  • staplers/tape/hole punchers/scissors 
  • markers/pens/pencils (new and used)
  • envelopes
  • paper clips/other clips/tacks/magnets
  • file folders
  • paper trays

Remember, the more you give and the more you take, the more successful this project is!