Hanging Waste Baskets

Waste reduction opportunity for staff and faculty!

In partnership with Winneshiek County Recycling Center, Luther College's Sustainability Office has acquired 400 Hanging Waste Baskets. They are designed to reduce waste and encourage recycling.

Get a look at one here.

To request one, please click here.

The baskets are small and hang on your existing recycling bin. They are for dried goods only. The intent is to replace your existing waste basket with this smaller basket. Once you receive one, your building's custodian will remove your existing waste basket. If you are not happy with your Hanging Waste Basket, you can have your normal waste basket returned.

When delivered, the Sustainability Office will also offer you a Personal Composting Container to complement your Hanging Waste Basket, a convenient and important tool for keeping your food scraps out of the landfill.

All inquiries should be directed to Erika Kambs, kamber01@luther.edu / 1219.