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Composting is a great way to divert organic materials from the landfill and replenish soil nutrients for healthy, productive gardens. Here at Luther College, we are committed to serving as stewards of the land and collecting and processing compost helps us accomplish this mission.

Each day, roughly 200 pounds of compost is collected from the Union dining halls, academic buildings, and residential halls and brought to the Luther College Farm. Students are encouraged to deposit their compostable materials into the proper receptacles found across campus. Food waste composting at Luther occurs at three dining locations: the cafeteria, Marty's, and Oneota Market.

Please read the following list to see what Luther can and cannot compost.

What to Compost?

  • Vegetables, including beans (no salad dressing please).
  • Grains such as bread, rice, pasta (Marinara is okay, but not Alfredo), cereal without milk
  • Fruit
  • Paper napkins (not wax paper)

Please Do Not Compost:

  • Meat or eggs (egg shells are okay)
  • Dairy
  • Wax paper, plastic, silverware
  • Oily foods, sweet foods, deep-fried foods, desserts, salad dressing or other oil

Special event composting is available by request. Please schedule in advance of your event by emailing [email protected].