Land Stewardship

Land Use Task Group

The land use task group’s responsibilities include the central campus as well as Luther’s Natural Areas. The task group advises the administration and natural lands manager on the central campus landscape and construction as well as implementation of the natural areas plan.

The Landscape Vision of Jens Jensen

Imagine the native landscape of Mid-America, here in the Upper Midwest, with its woodlands, natural meadows, flowing water, rock cliffs, sunshine and dappled shade, ever-changing as seasons pass, as clouds part, as the sun sets and the moon rises.

Architect Jens Jensen imagined this landscape. He lived in it, studied it, and worked out a plan to reshape the Luther College campus into an icon of this woodland and meadow region. He wanted to “awaken people to the beauties around them, and to reconnect them to the biological heritage” at their doorstep.