Funded Projects

Project Title Description Grant Award
SPOKES Shop Supplies Purchase ultrasonic parts washer and air compressor for SPOKES bike shop. $500
Personal Recycling Bins in Brandt Hall Purchase recycling bins for each room in Brandt Hall. $884
Luther's Cafeteria to Community Program Purchase containers for use in the Cafeteria to Community program $1000
Bike Share Expansion Purchase 5 more bikes for the bike-share program. $2850
Herbs in the Caf Purchase planter box, soil, seeds, and signs for herbs in the cafeteria $610
Fixit Bike Station Purchase a bike repair stand to make available for students on upper campus. $450
Clothes Drying Racks Purchase a small number of personal dryer racks that can be checked out by dorm residents as an alternative to using machine clothes dryers. $500
German Garden Project Provide pots and soil for German 102 garden project. $840
Baker Village Compost Bin Place compost bin in Baker Village. $270
Energy Star Mini Fridge Purchase $1000 worth of new energy star dorm refrigerators for use in their refrigerator rental program. $1000
Sustainability House Rain Barrels Purchase two rain barrels for use at the Sustainability House. $270
Joel Salatin Lecture Travel Funds Paid travel costs for a group of Luther students to go to Grinnell College and attend Joel Salatin's lecture titled, "Can We Feed the World?" $130
Oneota Film Festival Student Competition $300 will be given away as prize money to the student who creates the best film for the Oneota Film Festival $300
Sustainability House Shares Local Food - a CSA Initiative Purchase a winter CSA and provide community meals with this food. Do CSA marketing in the spring $270