LSGF Application Process

The Luther Sustainability Grant Fund (LSGF) makes $2000 available towards student projects. There are two ways for students and student groups to apply for funding. In both cases, the application is submitted to a sub-group of the Sustainability Council for review. Please use the application process that is easiest for you and your proposal. Grant requests can be made from $10 to $2000.

Applications should describe the project idea and purpose, and explain the way in which it fosters sustainability. Groups submitting abstracts are encouraged to engage in discussion with campus groups, departments, or community organizations affiliated with the implementation of the proposed project. In determining whether a project receives a loan or a grant, the Sustainability Council shall look to the project’s beneficiaries, the number of people affected by the project, the project’s quantifiable benefits, and the short-term/long-term nature of the project.

Application Option 1

Download, electronically fill out, and submit an LSGF Application along with necessary attachments. The application can be emailed to [email protected].

LSGF Application

Application Option 2

Create and submit an electronic Project Proposal, along with the completed Application Checklist, that addresses each of the necessary application components. The proposal and checklist can be emailed to [email protected].

LSGF Application Checklist

Application Evaluation Criteria

Project Proposals shall be evaluated on a series of criteria, including, but not limited to:

  • The quality of the plan for the proposed project.
  • Student creativity and ingenuity in addressing sustainability issues.
  • The opportunities available for broader student involvement and community-wide education.
  • The project’s potential to foster the three components of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social.
  • The group’s efficient use of the grant.

Funds should be used to support the implementation of projects. Primarily, funds may support the purchase of materials or products that constitute the project. Secondarily, funds may support the professional work, installation, or design necessary to implement the project. Funds may also support community education, outreach, and publicity. Those costs involving research and development, proposal development, and worker pay should be minimized.

Duties of Fund Recipients

Grant recipients are expected to remain involved in the implementation of their project. All recipients are expected to offer project update reports to the Sustainability Council on a schedule determined at the time the Proposal is approved. The Project Leader should provide a report detailing the status of the project, any problems encountered, the precise cost savings measurements up to the time of the update (where precise measurements are unattainable, an educated estimate will suffice), and any other relevant information. The Project Leader should be prepared to respond to questions from the Sustainability Council. Grant recipients will be expected to offer a presentation at an event organized by the Sustainability Council and open to the Luther and Decorah communities.