Apply for a Sustainability Grant


The mission of the Luther Sustainability Grant Fund (LSGF) is to foster and promote sustainable practices by awarding competitive grants for the implementation of environmentally responsible, economically beneficial, and socially sensible projects. 

Goals of the LSGF

  • To provide a mechanism by which students may exercise innovative reasoning and take action to promote sustainable practices on campus and in the community.
  • To educate all members of the Luther College and Decorah communities about the benefits of environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable lifestyles.
  • To act as a leader on sustainability initiatives for other groups and organizations within the higher education community.

While similar funds at other undergraduate institutions tend to focus more on environmental sustainability, the LSGF encourages students to develop projects that promote all facets of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social. We hope the LSGF will attract a range of students interested in entrepreneurship, environmentalism, social justice, business management, and more. In this way, Luther will serve as a model for other institutions, taking a more holistic approach to sustainability.

Funded projects include...

  • Baker Village Compost Bin
  • Clothes Drying Racks
  • Bike Share Expansion
  • Luther's Cafeteria to Community Program
  • SPOKES Shop Supplies

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Structure of the LSGF

The LSGF operates under the management of the Sustainability Council. Responsibilities include reviewing project abstracts, endorsing project proposals it believes should receive funding, raising awareness about the fund and encouraging student participation, overseeing project implementation, and managing the fund’s finances.

Student Review Committee

The LSGF Review Committee is comprised of 4–5 students who are responsible for reading and reviewing submitted proposals. These students then provide their recommendation to the Sustainability Council as to whether the proposed project should be funded or not.

Application Process

Please visit the LSGF Application Process page for details on applying, including application evaluation criteria and fund recipient duties.

Support of the LSGF

The Luther Sustainability Grant Fund is made possible through support from the Environmental Studies Department.