Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Outdoor Center Specialist Position

JOB TITLE: Outdoor Center Specialist


STATUS: Seasonal
SUPERVISOR: Senior Program Director

LOCATION: Camp Speers

To teach outdoor education classes and recreational programs. Also assist in all aspects of maintaining quality
outdoor education and conference programs in accordance with the mission of Camp Speers YMCA.
 Participate in Outdoor Center staff training.
 Teach outdoor education classes covering topics such as: field ecology, nature trail, history, teambuilding,
climbing tower, orienteering, canoeing, etc.
 Organize and lead recreation program areas to conference groups.
 Actively lead, initiate, and participate in evening programs provided by camp, such as campfire, night hike,
talent show, etc.
 Assist in dining hall procedures by calling meals, singing, scraping plates, and/or sweeping.
 Be prepared, prompt, and enthusiastic to all assigned duties on your daily schedule.
 Be a professional liaison to assist in customer service at all times for the group in camp.
 Clean cabins and all programs areas used by the group immediately after their departure.
 Teach and monitor proper use of all camp equipment.
 Check equipment for safety, cleanliness and good repair.
 Submit orders for equipment and supplies to OE/Conference Director prior to need so that top service is
provided at all times.
 Keep appropriate records on ropes logs, emergency incident reports, requests, etc.
 Uphold the principles of and teach according to the mission of the YMCA.
 Create and implement new classes/programs for Camp Speers YMCA.
 Act as group host for Conference and/or Outdoor Education Groups
 These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

 Ability to communicate and work with elementary – adult age groups of different skill levels to provide
necessary instruction to participants.
 Ability to observe guest behavior, asses its appropriateness, enforce safety regulations and emergency
procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques.
 Ability to communicate and train students in safety regulations and emergency procedures.
 Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the
 Physical ability to respond appropriately to emergency situations.
 Cognitive and communication abilities to plan and conduct the activity to achieve camper development objectives.

 Ability to walk an average of 3 miles and lift up to 50+ pounds per day.


All Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Staff is responsible for the following:
o Maintaining a clean, well-groomed appearance while on duty and keeping in compliance with the
Association and Department Dress Code Policy
o A continued commitment to member satisfaction by ensuring excellent Member Experience
o Maintaining the safety of all members and staff by identifying and correcting risk situations, writing
incident reports, etc.
o Ensuring the overall cleanliness of the facility
o A commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
o Keeping the children in the care of the PFVY and participating in programming within the branches
safe from harm and reporting signs and suspicions of abuse when necessary to the requisite state

Exposure to weather, wet and/or humidity, high levels of noise and live animals.

Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken word to impart oral information and to convey detailed
spoken instructions to staff, campers and volunteers accurately, quickly and loudly; ability to perceive the nature
of sounds by ear; must be able to stand for entire shift with the exception of break times; ability to lift 50-75
pounds; ability to move about on foot quickly; ability to stoop, kneel, crouching and crawl; ability to use kitchen
equipment safely by operating electrical and mechanical equipment; ability to clearly see at 20 inches or less and
20 feet or more

 At least 18 years old, high school graduate or equivalent with at least one year of college and experience
working with children and at least one year experience working as a Y Camp Counselor or as a counselor in
a comparable program.
 Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and experience working with children.
 Ability to deal effectively with inappropriate behavior and recognize hazard situations.
 Exhibit strong leadership skills; possess a passion for member service, building and maintaining a culture of
member service excellence
 Acquire and maintain the following certifications:
o CPR Pro/AED/O2 (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)
o First Aid (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)
o Requisite Redwoods Online Trainings (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)

At the YMCA we value the following attributes in personal character and behavior and believe that they are
essential to attaining our mission:
CARING Showing a sincere concern for others.
HONESTY Be truthful in what you say and do.
RESPECT Follow the Golden Rule.
RESPONSIBILITY Be accountable for your promises and actions.