Saha Global Positions in Ghana

Over the past 10 years, Saha has worked with 118 communities in northern Ghana to set up sustainable water treatment businesses, 100% of which are still operating today.

Each year we speak to interested Luther students, and we would love to get more high-preforming students involved with our future businesses. Our alumni say our work is a strong practical compliment to their coursework in Public Health, Engineering, Environmental Science, International Relations and Development, Social Enterprise and African Studies.

Come learn about Saha Global Positions in Ghana
Online info session Wednesday, Feb 28th
Registration open and limited

Durable design. Community ownership. Sustainable impact. But don't take our word for it...

RSVP to learn more about traveling to Ghana with Saha's Global Leadership Program. Join Saha's Founder & Executive Director Kate Cincotta to hear about:

  • Working with a rural community to build a clean water business
  • Training local women entrepreneurs how to run it
  • Educating hundreds of families about the benefits of drinking clean water

To learn more or apply by April 9th go to