Russia and the Environment: Environmental History and Policy in a Vast Ecosystem

Russia and the Environment looks at a Russia's vast and unique ecosystems from their history to the problems they face today. Students will focus on Siberia's history from its first colonization, to its Soviet industrialization, to its current transition to a market economy. Students also critically consider Russian and international theories on how to understand and manage the impact of these events in addition to learning the Russian vocabulary and cultural norms related to environmental issues.

This innovative course also allows students to opt for additional hands-on experience by serving an internship with a local environmental NGO, museum, or other organization. Summer students assist The Great Baikal trail in developing sustainable ecotourism infrastructure around Lake Baikal. Courses are taught in English and internships are available in Russian or English.

The environment is a local and global issue. Tomorrow's environmental professionals will need to cross borders and communicate with a wide range of people to achieve their goals. This program is geared to help train those professionals today.

Summer Offerings

Full Summer (10 weeks):

Cost: $7,690
May 28 - Aug 3, 2018  (Apply by: March 15, 2018)

Late Summer (6 weeks):

Cost: $5,295
June 25 - Aug 3, 2018  (Apply by: April 15, 2018) 

Summer Courses

RS-100/200/300/400: Russian Language Study
Small, intensive classes focus on reading, writing, grammar, speaking, comprehension, and phonetics. Intermediate to advanced Russian speakers will additionally build fluency in the lexica of environmental studies.
Academic hours: 48 (late summer) – 128 (full summer)

ENV-353: Russia and the Environment
This course is a blend of ENV-351 and ENV-352 (see semester options), looking primarily at the environmental history of Russia, using case studies to explore environmental policy in Russia. This course is taught in its entirety within the Late Summer session dates. 
Academic hours: 48

ENV-353b: Culture Lab
Excursions, cultural activities, and other out-of-the-classroom experiences in Irkutsk and the Lake Baikal area. 

Service Project: GBT Trail Building
Join an international team of volunteers to help build free-to-use, sustainable ecotourism infrastructure around Lake Baikal. Carve the trail bed, clear fallen trees and dwarf pines from the trail, build new trail, construct small bridges and dykes, and more in the Baikalsky National Nature Reserve!


More information and the application can be found at the School of Russian and Asian Studies website.