Lutheran Volunteer Corps Positions

There are many off-campus internships and employment opportunities available to students with sustainability experience. See the following list of links for off-campus work, volunteer positions, internships, and post-graduation opportunities.

There are still LVC positions open for the Fall of 2018! If you know anyone interested in spending a year of service with Lutheran Volunteer Corps, consider passing these positions on to them; there are a number of positions that require Spanish. You may start an application here:

As the application period closes, there may be other positions available in addition to the ones below. Please reach [email protected] for any questions.

LVC Open Positions


The Ministry of Caring | Teacher's Aide

The Teacher's Aide will assist in a classroom at the Child Care Center, one of three early education programs operated by the Ministry of Caring. Students enrolled in the Child Care Center range from six weeks to four years old and belong to primarily low-income and homeless families. Read more about this position on Idealist!

Partnership 4 Kids | High School Case Manager

*Access to a Vehicle Required

The High School Case Manager supports P4K's mission and college access goals by coordinating programming and providing support for P4K students in target high schools. This position focuses primarily on program facilitation and case management, while also providing occasional administrative support. Read more about this position on Idealist!

Trinity Lutheran Church | Community Connector

The Community Connector's main role will be to coordinate and prosper the various community mission outreach opportunities at Trinity Lutheran Church. This position has many responsibilities, including keeping the congregation informed on community service opportunities, representing Trinity Lutheran around the community, and supporting daily ministry and church-related tasks. Read more about this position on Idealist!

Erie Neighborhood House | Health & Leadership Programs Assistant
*Spanish Required

The Health & Leadership Programs Assistant will support Erie House’s work in advocacy and health education. The primary responsibilities of this Volunteer will focus primarily on health & nutrition education, advocacy work, and assisting with Legal Protection Fund workshops. Read more about this position on Idealist!

Erie Neighborhood House | Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

*Spanish Required

The Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator will be housed under Erie House's Citizenship and Immigration Services Department, supporting and expanding the essential work of Erie House's immigration services managing the department's volunteers and conducting and overseeing outreach about the department's legal services and citizenship classes. Read more about this position on Idealist!

Grace Lutheran Church | Community Outreach Associate

*Spanish and Access to a Vehicle Required

The Community Outreach Associate will coordinate reading programs, making connections in the immediate community to help determine what needs might be addressed through cooperative engagement. This Volunteer will have the opportunity to explore community outreach and relationships, and the position's focus will be to help continue positive connections with our neighborhood residents. Read more about this position on Idealist!

La Clinica del Pueblo | Case Worker

*Spanish Required

The Case Worker works under the direction of the Patient Services Manager to link medical patients with needed services and benefits, and assists patients with short-term care coordination needs. Read more about this position on Idealist!

La Clinica del Pueblo | Volunteer Coordinator

*Spanish Required

The Volunteer Coordinator position will explore and implement new volunteer opportunities that align with La Clinica’s strategic directions and programmatic priorities.This position includes diverse responsibilities and tasks including researching new opportunities, volunteer engagement, strategic recruitment of different volunteer types, and tracking and evaluating volunteer program goals. Read more about this position on Idealist!

L'Arche, Greater Washington D.C. | Assistant/Care Giver

L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. centers around four communal homes and 16 adults who have intellectual disabilities who are members of an intentional, inter-denominational Christian community (the “core people” of the community). Assistants provide skilled direct care supports to core people, ensure their safety and well-being, and support their integrated participation in all aspects of daily life. Read more about this position on Idealist!