Ash Grove Farm, Hampton, Iowa - Farming Assistant/Intern

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Farm and Location: Ash Grove Farm, Hampton, Iowa (95 miles north of Des Moines, IA, 170 miles south of Minneapolis, MN)

Description: We are looking for a hardworking, creative, farm assistant/employee that can help us grow our business. We are interested in hiring a young person who wants to farm independently in the future, but realizes the need to further develop their skills, first. We desire a working relationship with our assistant/intern of one or more years, both to benefit us and allow us more time to positively influence and share information with a future farmer. Our farm enterprises are corn, soybeans, small grains, hay, and beef cattle. We are certified organic, use long-term rotations, cover crops, managed grazing, ridge tillage, and no-till. We sell organic grain to wholesale buyers. Organic seed soybeans, oats, rye, hairy vetch and an occasional buckwheat crop are contracted with seed companies. Hay is not sold, but fed on the farm. Calves are sold through commodity markets or directly to other farmers for finishing.

Terms and Compensation: Full-time hourly employee, 40+ hours per week. Annual compensation range of $35,000 to $38,000 depending on experience and hours worked. A stipend will also be provided for health insurance. Housing may be available for the right candidate. In addition to the hourly wage, compensation will include a percentage of the calf crop each year. Other benefits include meat, eggs, and space for a garden for the employee and their immediate family.

Work Activities: Main work activities will focus on the cropping operation. The cattle herd is a secondary enterprise.

  • field work – tillage, planting, weed control, harvesting, etc.;
  • machinery repair and maintenance;
  • new building and building repairs;
  • assistance with field map generation from yield monitor and GPS data;
  • cattle handling and implementation of grazing plan;
  • pasture management---brush clearing, fence repair, and new fence construction.


    Minimum qualifications: Valid drivers’ license, willingness to work outside in almost all weather, able to lift seed and feed bags (50#). Preference given for commitment of a minimum two years.

    Skills desired: Enthusiasm for agriculture, sustainability, and business. Experience with machinery; prefer experience with livestock; ability to work more than 40 hours per week, as needed.

    Start Date (approx.): March 1, 2018 until filled

    Contact and submit resume via email to: Doug Alert [email protected] and Margaret Smith [email protected]