Agriculture Extension Educator; Cooperative Wisconsin

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The Agriculture Extension Educator designs, delivers, and evaluates research-based educational programming and services aligned with the position’s programmatic focus. Agriculture Extension Educator is an employee of the University of Cooperative Extension within the Agriculture Institute of the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources. The Agriculture Extension Educator is also a primary member of one of the centers within the Agriculture Institute; with likely primary affiliation with the Center for Crops & Soils and likely secondary affiliation with the Center for Animal Agriculture. If appropriate and desired, Extension Educators can affiliate with other Cooperative Extension centers in order to best address the programmatic focus of the position. 

This Agriculture Extension Educator position will primarily serve Green Lake County. Through this position, this individual will carry out programming that directly addresses the local needs of the community and is approved by the Area Extension Director for their area and Center Director.  There may be opportunity for the educator to program with colleagues from other counties from other agricultural backgrounds. In addition to the focus on Crops & Soils, the Agriculture Extension Educator’s programs will respond to local needs, and will provide a connection to the broader University of Wisconsin research, education, and outreach resources.

The Agriculture Extension Educator position is accountable to the Area Extension Director for all matters related to performance and day-to-day work activities. The Educator is also required to prepare an annual plan of work that will be reviewed and approved by the Area Extension Director and Center Director. The Agriculture Institute administers the budget for the position. Area Extension Directors will work with the local county, to identify opportunities for their input on identifying programming needs and reviewing performance.

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