Toast Ale USA CEO; Toast Ale USA

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Position:​ Toast Ale USA CEO (Chief Toaster)

Role Overview:​ This is a truly unique opportunity to lead a new New York based social enterprise. Our ambition is to quickly turn Toast Ale into one of the most successful national social enterprises in the USA (and indeed globally) and our new USA CEO will play an essential role in achieving this growth. You will be joining Toast Ale USA from the very beginning and at a hugely exciting time. We are now moving into full scale production in NYC and driving forward a national growth strategy. Our launch director is now ready to transition into a Board role and hand over to a long-term CEO. We are looking for someone to come on board and quickly build a small team to work alongside you. To begin with you will have support from one staff member in NYC and a highly experienced Advisory Board. It will be up to you to oversee Strategic Planning, Growth Strategy, Financial Management, Logistics Coordination, Operations Management and Production and Distribution Forecasting.

About Toast Ale: Toast Ale is on a mission to prove that the alternative to food waste is delicious. Toast Ale is an award winning beer brewed using fresh surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted. All profits from our company go to our brilliant partner charity Feedback to support the fight against food waste. Toast Ale launched in the UK, founded by global food waste activist Tristram Stuart, in early 2016 and has been such a huge success that we just launched in NYC in July 2017, now on the shelves of establishments such as Whole Foods, FoodKick and Fairway throughout the city.

 Visit Toast Ale's website for a full job description and requirements.