Transition US

There are many off-campus internships and employment opportunities available to students with sustainability experience. See the following list of links for off-campus work, volunteer positions, internships, and post-graduation opportunities.

Transition US (TUS) is a mission-driven nonprofit on the cutting edge of the grassroots movement toward sustainability and local empowerment. By offering internships for educational credit, we provide trainees with a valuable opportunity to put their skills to work in a meaningful way that creates real positive change in our world. We are engaged in a number of powerful projects aimed at spreading thriving resilience far and wide, and our interns will contribute directly to this movement.

TUS is now accepting applications for our 2017 Internship Program, for both the Spring and Fall semesters. The following internships are available:

  1. Communications & Outreach Internship
  2. Web & Graphic Design Internships
  3. Special Projects Internships (REconomy, Transition Streets, Transition Stories, Community Resilience Challenge, and Assessing Resilience in Communities Projects)
  4. Fundraising & Grant-Writing Internship
  5. Information & Database Management Internship
  6. Transition Research, Writing & Blogging Internship
  7. Design Your Own Internship

To learn more about positions and how to apply, visit the Transition US website!