Adopt a Family this Christmas!

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If you are looking to spread some holiday cheer around the Decorah community and Northeast Iowa, adopting a family is perfect for you! Christmas Cheer is a SAC committee that organizes the pairing of less fortunate families in the community with organizations/departments on campus. This is where we need your help! We are looking for organizations/departments or even individuals around campus to sponsor a family. It is also possible to be a co-sponsor with another organization/department on campus. Sponsoring a family involves the following steps:

1.Decide what size of family you would like to sponsor (collect $30 per family member)
2. Email to receive and submit form by Thursday, October 24th
3. Gather a small amount of money from each organization member
4. Purchase and wrap presents for some awesome families (the fun part!)
5. Deliver the family's gifts to Marty's on Collection Day, Tuesday, Dec. 10

To fill out a sponsor form please click here.