Patchwork Green Farm

Patchwork Green Farm is a ridge-top farm overlooking the Canoe Creek Valley just north of Decorah. Owned by Erik Sessions and his wife Sara Peterson, Patchwork Green has been supplying the Decorah area with diverse, organically grown produce for the last sixteen years.

Market Share ($150, $225, or $350)

You can choose the level of participation that best suits your family. We maintain an account with a running balance as the season progresses, so you don't need to bring cash to the market. You will receive a weekly email newsletter with recipes and farm news. Patchwork Green Farm will have a stall at the Winneshiek Farmers Market from mid-June through the end of the season, and you can choose from any of the produce on any market day (Wednesdays and Saturdays). This flexible system allows you summer travel flexibility, complete choice of produce, and quantities and varieties that suit your diet. You are also welcome to pre-order bulk quantities with your share balance. We do our best to keep a wide variety of vegetables and herbs available.

Patchwork Green Farm accepts registrations and payment on their website.

The Story of Patchwork Green Farm

“We purchased 40 acres and we grow on five acres,” Erik said. “We’ve never expanded the acreage in production, we just try and tweak things to meet demand and to maximize our returns from this piece of land. We try to make sure that we leave the land better than we found it.”

The land’s previous owners had put all forty acres into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) back in the early ‘90s, so it is planted to prairie and burn grasses. Erik and Sara took the flattest five acres they could find out of the CRP to grow on, but left the rest as they found it. The natural prairie area serves as a home for lots of insects and birds, both of which are beneficial for the farm, as well as a buffer from critters that live in the woodlands farther away that might enjoy some of Patchwork Green’s vegetables.

Erik and Sara also enjoy bordering the land of Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Because Seed Savers Exchange is entirely organic, Patchwork Green hasn’t had to deal with issues like chemical run off or spray drift.

“I feel very lucky about the neighborhood we’re in,” Erik said. “We are only five miles from town, but it feels like we’re in the country. I can get my product to market pretty quick.”

Although Patchwork Green is not organically certified, they do grow their produce in natural, organic ways. Erik made the decision several years ago to forgo organic certification to save both money and time.

“Since our customers are local, and I am as transparent as possible, and people are welcome to come out and see the farm and see all the weeds, hopefully its pretty obvious to folks that we’re growing things organically,” Erik said.

Erik sells his vegetables at the Oneota Community Food Co-op, the Winneshiek County Farmer’s Market, and provides vegetables for Decorah restaurants La Rana Bistro and Rubaiyat Restaurant. He also offers a seasonal Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, for which participants can either receive a traditional or market share. Erik also works with the Decorah Food Pantry, and offers a ‘Donate a Share’ option.

For more information, check out the Patchwork Green Website, or schedule a farm visit. Everyone is welcome!

“Folks are welcome to come out and take a look at the farm,” Erik said. “The invitation is always open. Give us a call or come talk to us at the market and see what we do out here.”