Policies and Procedures

Luther College is responsible for:

  • Managing community garden subscriptions, with priority given to faculty/staff who have had a plot in previous years.
  • Organizing workshops and educational/social events.
  • Controlling weeds on the periphery of the garden and near the water source.
  • Providing basic garden tools.
  • Working to ensure adequate fencing to deter deer and other animals.
  • Enforcing policies and procedures to ensure a positive gardening experience for all.

As a Community Gardener, we ask that you:

  • Pay annual subscription fee of $30 for a full plot, $20 for a half plot or $10 for a student plot by May 1st (direct cash and checks-payable to "Luther Community Gardens" to Allison Hren, Valders 372B).
  • Thoroughly read the "Policies and Procedures" and "Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement".
  • Plant something in your garden by June 1st and keep the plot in production for the entirety of the season. Plots not planted by this date will be planted by the Luther College Gardeners or offered to individuals on the waiting list.
  • Prepare your plot for winter (pull up plant materials) by November 15th.
  • Visit your garden at least once a week to weed, harvest, water.
  • Keep the pathways near your plot clear of plants. Mulch pathways near your plot.
  • Notify the Sustainability Office if for any reason you need to abandon your plot.
  • Clean-up your plot if it becomes messy and you receive a notice to clean it up.
  • Keep trash and litter out of your garden and surrounding areas.
  • Plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring gardens.
  • Pick only your own crops, unless given permission by another plot user.
  • Not use any pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.
  • Keep pets outside of the garden gates.
  • Plant only annual varieties for ease of Spring tilling.
  • Understand that if your plot becomes unkept you will be notified and given one week to clean it up before we till it under.
  • Close all gates upon leaving.
  • Have fun and enjoy the beautiful Decorah Summer!