Wellness CarShare Incentive

Luther College’s Wellness Office has created a program making it easier for faculty and staff to walk, bike, or carpool to work more frequently. Signing up for this program gives you free access to UhaulCarShare cars to run any personal errands during the workday.

By signing up, Wellness will pay the membership fee ($25 value) to join Luther’s UhaulCarShare program. Wellness will then pay UhaulCarShare usage fees ($9.25/hr value) for travel to and from personal appointments and errands during work hours if you walked, biked, or carpooled to work that day.


  • The program is available to any faculty or staff member
  • Use of vehicles is limited to working hours, depending on your typical work schedule. Default settings are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Let us know if your work schedule is different when signing up.
  • You can only use the vehicles for a maximum of 2 hours in any given day.
  • There is a $50 usage limit per month per member.
  • Individual drivers are responsible for any deductibles or fines associated with using the car (please refer to UhaulCarShare’s member handbook for details).
  • This program is meant to encourage more people to walk, bike and carpool to Luther.

How to Join

Step 1:

Fill out the Wellness CarShare Program sign up form/survey.

Step 2:

In a couple of business days, if you are not currently a UhaulCarShare member, you will receive an email containing a link to become a member of UhaulCarShare through the "Luther College Student Lif" departmental account. If you are already a UhaulCarShare member, you will receive an email notifying that you have been added to the "Luther College Student Lif" departmental account.

Step 3:

Read the UhaulCarShare membership handbook so you are familiar with the specifics of using the vehicles. Individual drivers, not Luther College Wellness Program, are responsible for the first $500 of loss or damage to the UhaulCarShare vehicles and fees assessed for cancellations made less than 3 hours prior to the start of your reservation, parking fines, citations and towing, late return and failure to return, excess mileage, failure to refuel, smoking/pets, cleaning, and lost keys.

Step 4:

Start reserving at www.ucarshare.com and using vehicles (parked in the back of the Library parking lot) when you need to run an errand and walked, biked, or carpooled to work. When selecting the payment method while reserving a vehicle, make sure to select the "CORP 0008" account. This is the code for the "Luther College Student Lif" account.

Need more help? View more detailed instructions on joining this program.