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UhaulCarShare for International Students

  1. If you don't have a US license, sign up using your email address and UhaulCarShare may waive the need to obtain a driver history from your country of origin. You will be required to email a scanned copy of your license front/back to  This can be done right after you complete the sign-up form. You will likely receive a follow-up email to verify your email address is valid.

  2. If you have a US license for less than 2 years, you should sign up with your email address and send a scanned copy of your US license.  UhaulCarShare may waive the 2 year requirement if your driving record is clean.

  3. If you do not sign up with your email address, you will have to obtain your driver history from your country of origin. This can be a lengthy process.

If you apply and are denied, UhaulCarShare will refund your registration fee.