UhaulCarShare for Departmental Program

Departments at Luther can create UhaulCarShare departmental accounts allowing specified drivers the ability to reserve and bill vehicle rentals to a department credit card.  In addition, department heads can manage driver access and get reports on usage and membership levels. 

Instructions for Creating a Departmental Account

  1. The department head needs to create their own UhaulCarShare account by becoming a UhaulCarShare member.
  2. The department head downloads and fills out the Department  Account Application form. When asked for Luther's tax ID number on the form use 42-0680466
  3. The department head downloads Luther's Tax Exempt Form.
  4. The department head emails the "Department Account Application" and "Tax Exempt Form" as attachments to cassandra@ucarshare.com. 

Once this is completed, UhaulCarShare will email when the account is set up (typically 1-3 business days). At this time, the department head can go to their account and invite others in the department to be listed under this departmental account.