About Research

An ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellowship has been awarded to fund the travel and research in The People’s Republic of China of Luther College faculty members Hongmei Yu and Stratis Giannakouros and students John Rosenwinkel, Travis Houle, Rachel Johnson, Sophia Ristau, James Foster, and Kaitlyn Fillmore.

Their research will focus on the interaction between economic, social, and environmental interests in the process of urbanization in Hetou, a small village in Northern China on the outskirts of Tianjin. Through research in topics related to urban planning, river pollution, migrant workers, and education, the team will examine how urbanization has impacted this formerly agrarian community. The engagement of migrant workers, villagers, and local leaders is central to the research project.

Students will employ qualitative research methods to investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of the ongoing urbanization project in Hetou. Ultimately, based on students’ research on individual topics, the project aims to offer a case-study of urbanization in China.

Follow their research trip during the month of June as they share their photos and perspective on the project.