Research & Student Projects

A student presenting their research at the research symposium.

Faculty Involved in Sustainability Research

Eric Baack (Biology)
Kirk Larsen (Biology)
Beth Lynch (Biology)
Brad Chamberlain (Chemistry)
Laura Peterson (Chemistry and Environmental Studies)
Steve Holland (Economics and Business)
David Faldet (English)
Jon Jensen (Philosophy and Environmental Studies)
Jim Martin-Schramm (Religion)

Student Research

Each year an environmental philosophy class undertakes group projects related to sustainability. In the past, research and ideas coming from these projects have led to actual changes at Luther.




Land Use





Getting to work on projects related to waste reduction is really exciting, because I feel like we are genuinely making a difference.  I really enjoy getting to work towards increasing the quality of our sustainability programs on campus regardless of how big or small our effects may be.  Whether it's sorting and weighing trash or researching new projects for improving Luther's waste stream, the work is always fulfilling.

Liam Fraser, '17

Seed Savers Library

Luther students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to make use of the great resources available through the Seed Savers Library.