Rachel Brummel

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science
Valders 372E
[email protected]

Sustainability Research

  • "Mobilizing place: Examining mobility, identity, and boundary in the politics of Asian carp" accepted into the Journal of Environmental Studies and Science and will be published as a part of a special issue on the role of place in environmental studies scholarship.
  • Does multi-functionality matter to U.S. farmers? Farmer motivations and conceptions of multi-functionality in dairy systems," collaborative article with K.C. Nelson, published in Journal of Environmental Management 146 (15): 451-462, December 2014.
  • Collaborative, interdisciplinary film review, along with Assistant Professor of English Andy Hageman, for the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.
  • Continued collaboration with Luther students on a review and analysis of pollinator conservation policy emerging from the federal level through executive and legislative means.
  • Presentation on "Examining the Politics of U.S. Pollinator Conservation Policy"; with Luther senior Laura Proescholdt, International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Summer 2016.

Courses Relating to Sustainability

ENVS-130: Environmental Forays
ENVS-185: Society & the Sixth Mass Extinction
ENVS-239: ST Rivers and Society

POLS-258: Environmental Politics and Policies
ENVS-485: Environment and Community