Eric Baack

Associate Professor of Biology
Sampson Hoffland Lab 190G
[email protected]
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Research Related to Sustainability
Recent research relates to native sunflowers, wild gene flow, bacteria levels in local streams and drug resistance in those bacteria. 

Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Projects

  • 2008: NE Iowa plants at the limit: the effects of global warming on plants near the southern limit of their distribution. Student collaborator: Anna Wikan
  • 2009: Evolutionary responses of native plants to invasive species. Student collaborator: Adam Ragheb
  • 2010: Effect of Cloroplast Genotype on Hybrid Fitness. Student collaborator: Paul Atkins
  • 2011: Frequency of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria in Dry Run Creek. Student collaborator: Chelsea Weiss
  • 2013: Diversity and Effect of Endophytic fungi in Iowa Prairie Grasses. Student collaborator: Kimberly Howell
  • 2016: A Study of the Hydrology of Six Springs in Decorah, Iowa, Using Dye Tracing. Faculty collaborator: Jack Hedstrom. Student collaborator: Sheri Schwert
  • 2017: Antibacterial resistance of escherichia coli and staphylococcus in Decorah water sources. Student collaborator: Tiwonge Chirwa

Courses Related to Sustainability

BIO-354: Evolutionary Biology
BIO-151: Principles of Biology:Ecology/Evolution/Biodiversity